• After years of running the same old meetup formats that every other group does (lectures, group discussions, hangouts, dinners) and not being satisfied with the results, we resolved to do better. First, we made a list of every format for group interaction that we could find, uncovering over 40 different possibilities. But we still weren't satisfied. We wanted to know what else is possible. So we started inventing our own formats, which we call "Social Experiments." We never run the same format twice, so each one is truly an experiment. Each one employs a set of "rules", "instructions" or "constraints" for the participants to follow, which are each selected for a specific purpose.

  • Every Ergo event that we create is designed to help participants better understand themselves, each other, or the world. Through active experiencing rather than passive listening we hope to create real change in our attendees. We also write up the formats that we create to share them with the world, so that other groups can run these formats and experience the effects for themselves.







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